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Our Team
7th Grade
Kim Villella
7th Grade On-Level and Honors English
Lisa Moree
7th Grade English
8th Grade
Marguss Tantalo        
8th Grade On-Level, Honors English and Spanish I
Tracy Alaniz
8th Grade English

7th grade English  
Literary analysis and studying how choices affect our consequences.  Soon we will begin reading Tangerine by Edward Bloor to further explore choices, consequences, and literary analysis.

8th grade English - 

We are embarking upon an argument and debate unit in 8th grade English.  Students will learn about the elements of argument including: purpose, audience, claim, evidence, reasoning, counterclaim (concession/refutation)


We will have a couple of debates in class and culminate our unit in an argumentative essay.


 7th Grade Level 2: Choices 8th Grade Level 3: Challenges
Unit 1:  The Choices We Make
Unit 2:  What Influences my Choices
Unit 3:  Choices and Consequences
Unit 4:  How We Choose to Act
Unit 1: The Challenge of Heroism
Unit 2: The Challenge of Utopia
Unit 3: The Challenge to Make a Difference
Unit 4: The Challenge of Comedy

Each of the five units includes learning activities, two embedded assessments and a pre/post test which are all aligned with Common Core Standards.

What Sets SpringBoard Apart from other English/Language Arts Programs?
  • Educational research supports the structure of the program.
  • Rigorous Standards provide a pathway to Advanced Placement and are aligned to Common Core Standards.
  • Instructional Framework is built on “designing with the end in mind.”
  • Teaching and learning strategies is a cornerstone of instructional design.
  • Purposeful learning activities are relevant, rigorous, student-centered, engaging,
  • interactive, and collaborative.
  • Differentiated Instruction opportunities are developed with student needs and achievement in mind.
  • Assessment includes objective end of unit tests,performance based embedded assessments and student portfolios.
  • Teacher support and professional development is ongoing and meaningful.

SpringBoard® is the foundational component for the College Board's College Readiness System, offering a proven Pre-AP program that increases participation and prepares a greater diversity of students for success in AP, college and beyond – without remediation.
Based on College Board Standards for College Success and aligned to the Common Core State Standards, SpringBoard offers the only integrated college readiness solution that includes a rigorous curriculum, formative assessments and sustainable professional development.


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